A small seed planted many years ago, its roots digging deeper and branches taller and wider still.

Driven by the desire to be selfsufficient, to be able to create nessacary items and to hone the skill to repair and fix things around the home. To be the best and freest version of me.

Growing up in the south of Norway in Drammen, I was always surrounded but the rich culture and history of the country. The exciting exhibits of the museums , the intricate crafts that have been kept alive since before the viking age and the mesmerising nature that transitions from proud mountains that dive straight into deep fjords to open mountain tops without a single tree to gorgeous coastline. Naturally it has alwasy been a huge Source of inspiration in my life.

My mother was always creating and sewing in my childhood and I would join her anytime I could to ask questions and learn as much as possible. still we visit farmers and tanners together as we are both deeply passionate about the traditional peltwork, that ive translated into my custom pieces, that she has passed down to me.

I come from a family of very creative people and im definietly very lucky to have had my grandmother on my fathers side that was an avid crossstitcher and knitter as well as her love for cooking and baking and my grandmother of my moms side that would always have different activities and crafts ready as well as sharing her love for books and photgraphy with me.

Being able to express my creativity and gain confidence as a child through art is a gift I am very grateful to have received and something I do my very best to give my family. it is something that has grown more important to me as an adult and my love and passion drove me to continue pursuing new knowledge and crafts and to start NorneWoven.

I wrote in the beginning of NorneWoven that I was excited to see what it would become and where it would take me.

Im so Thankful for where I am now, how far ive come and all of the amazing people ive met on the journey.

Thank You