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Handmade cards

-new designs

Introducing new card designs as well as the possibility to order cards individually. All the cards come with an envelope but they are great for framing and hanging up and strong enough to ship are postcards without an envelope.

individually and carefully printed on enviromentally friendly craft paper in house.


Norwegian Sheepskin Collars

One of my biggest inspirations is truly the incredible materials I work with. All of my sheepskins are gathered from Norwegian farmers and generations of family owned tanneries, honoring the lifes of animals that Norways nature relies on for maintanance.

last ned (6).png

Beeswax SAmplepacks

All of my handmade beeswax waxmelts are carefully blended with natural and organic plants.

Blends like Blue lavender from France beautiful Dog rose from Spain and California white sage that you can find in the Floral sample pack or individually to create your own mixes. These are perfect to add your own elements to as well